Faith Evans Finally Exposed for Her Book of Lies About Tupac, and More...

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

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The picture that exposed Faith Evan's lies in her book about Tupac Shakur.

Faith Evans claims in her memoir, after Tupac's death, that Tupac owed her $25,000 for a studio session. She also claimed Tupac sexually harassed her. This is her wholly embellished, and wildly exaggerated truth that can't be verified. It was created as a motive; or better yet, a justification to write her book. This article will break down her truth and turn it into a falsehood.

If Tupac stated he had sex with Faith in "Hit'em Up", and that she had to "Suck his d*ck to get my check", why was there never a defamation or sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Tupac for him saying such statements? Because there were two corroborating witnesses, Dru Down and Big Syke (rest in peace) who could have testified on Tupac's behalf to say that they did see Faith Evans enter Pac's hotel room, she would have never won if she did file.

We have all heard the saying, "It's easy to remember the truth but it's hard to remember a lie," because a lie usually changes over time.

On June 12th, 1996, Faith Evans said, in an interview, that she never went in the studio with Tupac. She only recorded a reference track for another girl group who was thinking about giving her vocals on that track to Tupac and that it was not business with him because it never went that far. (Play video below from 1:50 sec until 3:00 sec) She lied.

Once again there was no mention of that mythological $25,000 check for supposedly a studio session that she never attended according to her own words, rewind that back if you didn't hear it.

It's interesting how a willful participant can turn into an innocent, manipulated, naïve, sexually harassed victim when it's time for the publisher to cut that check to write that book. Faith now vividly remembers all of the details to the so-called salacious conversation that took place that night at the Peninsula Hotel.

Now let's separate fact from fiction: Faith's sensationalized truth from truth that can actually be proven.

On Wednesday, October 18, 1995, I witnessed Tupac talking to Faith outside of the Hollywood Athletic Club while she sat in her cherry red BMW. (Play video below from 2:14 sec until 2:52 sec)

The next day, on October 19, 1995, L.A. Times reporter Chuck Phillips did a recorded interview with Tupac at approximately 2 p.m. while Faith Evans and Tupac were at Can-Am Studios recording “Wonder Why They Call You Bitch." (Play video below from 0:01 sec until 0:20 sec to hear Chuck Phillips say the date and time of the interview). After the studio session, Faith Evans, according to her memoir, went back to Tupac's hotel room to get her so-called $25,000 check where she said Tupac sexually harassed her, among other things.

When they are in the studio recording, Faith says, "Take it back, I'm sayin', I went into the verse."

Then Tupac says, "That's alright."

Faith then says, "Alright. That shit mad fast to be singing to."

Tupac responds, "Hey, but you doing it, you doing it though girl." (Play video below from 5:03 sec until 5:34 sec)

Faith claims in her memoir that she never saw Tupac again after October 19th, 1995, and he never paid her the so-called “$25,000”.

Then why 26 days later on November 14th 1995, there are pictures not only of Whitney Houston with Tupac:

1995-11-14 / Tupac attends at ”Waiting to Exhale” Soundtrack Release Party

but also Faith Evans with Tupac?

1995-11-14 / Tupac attends at ”Waiting to Exhale” Soundtrack Release Party

Why would Faith Evans share a table at The Waiting to Exhale soundtrack release party with Tupac, and then allow him to share her limo back to his hotel again where they both attended a so-called party after the soundtrack release party? In her memoir, she explains, "After the party at the hotel, we hung out a bit more with Tupac and his friends, shared a blunt, and discussed the specifics of my guest appearance." Only when attempting to play fabricated, salacious, jedi- mind tricks with potential reader's does November 14th, come before October 19th. She never thought the day would come when truth would trump her lies. According to Faith in her memoir, the song “Wonder Why They Call You Bitch,” was recorded and completed on the same day, "In less than an hour, I was done" she said. That day would be October 19, 1995 approximately between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. according to the Chuck Phillips recorded interview. (Play video below from 10:31 sec until 11:00 sec where Chuck Phillips ask Tupac about the songs he's recording.

Did Faith record "Wonder Why They Call You B****" with Tupac after the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack release party that was held on November 14th as she declared in her memoir? Based on the Chuck Phillips interview, one can confirm for a fact that it was recorded before on October 19th. She lied about never going into the studio with Tupac in that 1996 interview; furthermore, she deceived her own husband about what happened after the studio. Her claim in her memoir that she never saw Tupac, b.k.a. Mr."Suck his d*ck to get my check" again after October 19th? Just one look at those pictures from the party on November 14th annihilates that claim. "Wonder Why They Call You B****", quite a fitting song.

So, not only did Faith see Tupac again on November 14th, but she went back to his hotel room, again. We now can confirm that these salacious allegations that were made up by Faith Evans are 100% completely and utterly false, better known as a lie.

The fact is Faith did go to the studio on the day in question. This is also verified by Natasha Walker. Listen to the details in the interview. (Play video below from 1:50 sec until 3:54 sec) Notice how Natasha says Tupac and Faith met up, "At the night club the day before or whatever." That would have been Wednesday, October 18th, 1995, the same night i saw Tupac and Faith talking outside the Hollywood Athletic Club.

The studio incident can also be validated by actor, singer, and reality T.V. Star, Ray J in this statement.

Actor, Singer, and Reality T.V. Star, Ray J

“We walked in one day and Faith was sitting on Pac’s lap while Pac was writing a verse. It was like, ‘What the f*** is going on?’ That was one of the craziest sights, dog,” the singer said.

“Faith was in Pac’s lap. I was like, ‘What the f***? I know I’m not? Is that? It can’t?’ Three weeks later, ‘Hit ‘Em Up” came out … I’m not hating on nobody. I got love for Faith. That was unbelievable, during the time of the East Coast-West Coast beef,” Ray continued.

Tupac's bodyguard Frank Alexander, rest in peace, was also there that night at the Hollywood Athletic Club, and followed Tupac and Faith to and from the studio back to his hotel that day. He said this in an interview when asked about Faith and Tupac's sexual escapade. (Play video below from 0:01 sec until 0:06 sec)

Last but not least, the person who actually opened the door when Tupac and Faith reached Tupac's hotel room, west coast legendary rapper Dru Down, also said Big Skye and a member of The Outlaws were also present. He confirmed the sexual encounter in this interview. (Play video below from 0:07 sec until 0:46 sec)

Remember the two guys Faith confirmed in her memoir that were there in Tupac's room? Those were the two guys: Dru Down and Big Syke.

The mythological $25,000 can't be corroborated but what can be verified has been done so by four independent witnesses who have no ax to grind and basically were just saying what they saw. I'll leave it up to you to decide what happened in the hotel room for the hour or longer that Faith said she was there in her memoir.

According to Faith's memoir when Biggie asked Faith “and then what happened?” after she recorded the song with Tupac on October 19, 1995, she said, “nothing, I swear to God nothing happened.” Want to know what happened, Biggie? She went back to Tupac's hotel room.. She lied to Biggie.

In her infamous 1996 interview, she mentioned none of the salacious details because she claimed "it never went that far". In addition, in 1995 at the Hollywood Athletic Club, when Faith claimed Treach introduced her to Tupac for the first time I know that wasn't the truth because I was the guy that told Treach that Tupac was outside talking to Faith right after I watch them pull up to the club. Looked like Faith needed no introduction to Tupac that night at the Hollywood Athletic Club from what I had seen. She lied.

Tupac Shakur has now been vindicated from allegations that were demonstrably and provably false. Hard cold evidence: dates, times, recorded interviews, independent witnesses and pictures.

Furthermore, I believe that it is true that Tupac did have sex with Faith Evans. After his death, Faith Evans attempted to capitalize on that truth by denying it and making obscene allegations against Tupac that have been found to be untrue. More importantly, she is courageous in making these claims when Tupac can no longer speak for himself. That's okay because facts and truth can stand alone.

As to what happened in the hotel room that night at the peninsula, I'll let you decide for yourself. For me, I believe Tupac because he said he had sex with her once and his story never changed until the day he died.

I believe he did give her some of that "Thug Passion"; I also believe it wasn't about money or fame. Tupac Shakur was a real boss player in the game.

In 1993 at Bowie State University, I watched with my own eyes Tupac Shakur stop his show and let an unknown MC by the name of Biggie Smalls take over the stage and rock the mic, sharing his platform because he really had love for Biggie. Shout out to my homies Wumpus and Big Butch.

I also know that Tupac was upset because he felt like Biggie knew who set him up at the Quad Studio incident and wouldn't tell him who did it or didn't warn him.

I also know when you write books and make movies sometimes you need a villain. When it came time to write her book, Tupac was cast as one of those villains. After all, he was controversial and one of the greatest rappers of all time who sold over 75 million records. Tapping into his fan base with a story about Tupac wouldn't be a bad idea.

At the end of the day we all make mistakes because we're human, so I think Faith will never tell the truth about what really happened that night with Tupac. She has already taken the check from the publisher to write her "memoir" and it would put her in legal jeopardy, I get it.

I'll never forget these words Tupac said, (unrelated to Faith Evans or anybody in particular), “There's a lot of real G's doing time because a groupie bit the truth and told a lie.”

Personally I don't have an ax to grind I just want to set the record straight because the guy who wrote "Dear Mama," "Brenda's Got a Baby," "Baby Don't Cry," and "One Day at a Time", the song that I co-wrote with him, is not here to defend himself. I just want to separate fact from fiction, peace.

Rest in peace Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. Delray Richardson- The Kind Of Women- Official Music Video

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