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Delray - Hip Hop Artist of the Year - 10th Annual LA Music Awards.

Exclusive!! The Story Behind 2Pac In His Hummer holding up Five Fingers.

Faith Evans, 2pac Lies Uncovered: Alleged 2pac Oral Sex / Sexual Harassment Timeline Doesn't Add Up.

Suge Knight Saved Me & Dr. Dre From Gunshots At Chris Tucker After Party.

Kobe Bryant & Tupac Shakur vs. The People: What The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know.

How 2Pac Had Lisa 'Left Eye Lopes Crying & Jealous, Because 2Pac Talked To Another Women.

Faith Evans Exposed For Her Lies About 2pac! 2pac Did Have Sexual Relations With Faith Evans!

Untold Kobe Bryant, Tupac Shakur First And Only Encounter

The Notorious Betrayal: The Night Faith Evans Decided To Follow Tupac Back To His Hotel.

How 2Pac Shooting His Gun Saved Biggie & His Entourage After 93' Bowie State Concert.

2pac: The True Story Behind The Pictures That Are Worth A Thousand Words.

Exclusive Footage: Where Tupac's Ashes Were Scattered In Malibu California.

2Pac: The November 18th Lie That Cost 2Pac & Biggie Their Lives / The Ripple Effect.

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